Nick Visconti check in

Terren Gomez

How does it feel to be a winner?

Nick Visconti is "fresh" off a win at SoCal's premier pre-season event, Hot Dawgz & Hand Rails, and headed to Seattle to attempt to continue his winning streak at the Downtown Throwdown. We caught up with him for a pre-event interview that's sure to grabs some smiles.

ESPN: Hey Nick how are you livin'?
Hey ESPN... I have to get through this interview quick because I'm late for a philosophy presentation.

Cool. We'll make this short and really not to any real point -- you are going to Seattle for a competition -- I know you like coffee but how about rain, Nirvana, Canadians?
You heard wrong, eh? I drink Chai and listen to Alanis Morisette in the shower.

Did you know that Seattle was the first city in the U.S. to play a Beatles song on the radio? Who do you like better: the Beatles or Faster Pussycat?
I like Faster Pussycat more. It's a lifestyle I can connect to through the music. Glam and man -- that's my motto.

Guess how many Starbucks there are in Seattle?
Including drive-thru, Safeways, branch stores and actual Starbucks, there are 424.

Tell me about your record in snowboarding competitions.
I don't keep records, because I don't spin vinyl. However, the last five contests I've competed in, I've won.

What's better skateboarding or snowboarding?
I like food and water, but I couldn't live without skateboarding.

Who will be your biggest competition in the Downtown Throwdown, other than Courtney Love?
Whoever drinks the most Chai Saturday morning, or perhaps, whoever drinks the least Friday night.

Terren Gomez

No, no. I said it's a slob, not he's a slob. Sheesh.

Did you really let someone else buy breakfast the morning after you won $7500 at Hot Dawgz & Hand Rails?
When a man rolls up with a soul patch, a murdered-out black Charger and more muscles than "The Situation," you allow him to do whatever he needs to do to continue feeding his ego.

How does it feel to be hot?
It's not all about being hot, it's a combination of good looks and charm.

Anything else you want to get across?
This morning I danced with the sunrise to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack.

Thanks Nick. Now go get philosophical with some college ladies.
Thanks. Keep it fresh ESPN.

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