Photos: FMX at the Montréal Supercross

Olivier Croteau

The 33rd annual Montral Supercross went down Saturday night in the city's Olympic stadium. Launch gallery »

Editor: Click here to view our FMX photo gallery from the 2010 Montréal Supercross.

While the rest of the world was tuned into the final round of the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour in Rome, France's Charles Pagès, USA's Beau Bamburg, Brody Wilson and Scott Murray, and Canada's own Benoit Milot were putting it down at the 33rd annual Montréal Supercross -- or as the French Canadians call it -- the Supermotocross de Montréal. Aside from the local professional NHL and CFL teams, the Montréal Supercross is the oldest running sporting event in Montreal.

As Canada's biggest motocross attraction of the year, the 2010 Montréal Supercross featured an MX1 (450cc) and MX2 (250cc) race, an ATV quad race, and competition-based freestyle motocross exhibition, which all took place in Montréal's Olympic Stadium -- built as the main venue for the 1976 Summer Olympics.

For the FMX portion of the event, Murray somewhat successfully landed his double backflip for the vocal crowd on hand, but not before Pagès, Bamburg, Wilson and Milot went at it on the three-ramp, one-landing setup located in the middle of the track, with Pagès walking away the victor. In the MX1 class it was USA's Nick Wey who walked away with the win, while Canada's own Kaven Benoit nailed down the MX2 class win.

Click here to view our FMX photo gallery from the event, shot by Canadian photographer Oli Croteau.

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