Ruben Alcantara discusses signature parts

Courtesy of Fly Bikes

Ruben Alcantara, as seen in a recent Fly Bikes ad.

Spain's Fly Bikes released a video yesterday that features pro team rider Ruben Alcantara stylishly enjoying the Spanish countryside, as well as a short dialogue discussing Ruben's signature parts line through Fly Bikes. The video is available via Vimeo and also on the Fly Bikes site as a download for iPods and IPads, along with an awesome Ruben Fly Bikes wallpaper (pictured above.)

In case you need a reminder, Ruben was one of the very first riders to utilize a lightweight approach to his bike setup. Way, way back in the late '90s, when everyone was riding 45 lb. bikes, Ruben ditched all the unneeded extras, streamlined his bike and ushered in a new era of bike technology aimed at keeping frame and component weights down.

But Ruben didn't stop there. After leaving MacNeil in 2003, Ruben eventually began working alongside his friends at Fly Bikes on a signature series of parts that included bashguards, tires, pedals and grips. Of course, Ruben didn't just throw his signature onto a line of products; he rethought everything from the ground up, and created a line of innovative products that once again changed bike technology (Ruben's signature Fly tires were among the first wider diameter tires to be offered, and riders such as Garrett Reynolds swear by them.)

Check the video for the Ruben-esque goods.

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