Face Time: Kevin Jones

The Jackson Hole premiere of Bluebird's "Dobre Hombres" brought out all the local heroes -- from Mark Carter to Bryan Iguchi to youngster Adam Dowell to Bluebird founder Willie McMillon -- to preview a movie in a venue packed with one of the tightest snowboard communities in the world.

"Dobre Hombres" (which releases on iTunes Nov. 8) breaks the traditional huck or die model of shred flicks, focusing instead on the heart of snowboarding through a documentary style narrative with -- dare I say it -- a message. If one thing unites the Bluebird crew it's that they enjoy snowboarding for all the right reasons. If you don't believe me, watch as the Bluebird crew interviews newest Jackson Hole transplant and team member, Kevin Jones, about rails and wearing your sister's pants.

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