Edit: Jake Farley from Boulder, Colo.

The Boulder, CO native is an up-and-comer in the Denver BMX scene.

Shortly after filming a bunch of contests from the road for us, ESPN contributor Dylan Pfohl finally made it back to his hometown in Denver, Colo. and has spent much of the past several months working on this edit for us. Excited to be home, I asked Dylan to focus on filming with someone in the Denver scene, that's been up and coming, un-sponsored, original and deserving of some attention. The above edit of Jake Farley was his response. Here's more from Dylan about how it came to be and a few questions with Jake after the jump.

"Jake and I started filming for this edit back in January at the indoor park in Denver, Colo. Over the next few months we ran into each other at the Boulder park a few times, he would shred for a bit, we'd get a couple clips and he would tell me about all these street spots he was finding. 6 months go by and I finally made a plan to film street with him and he totally killed it and I'm wondering why we didn't do it sooner. So I hope you enjoy the edit, it's been a long time coming." -Dylan Pfohl

Age: 22
Resides: Boulder, Colorado
Years riding: 7 good years
Current setup: Right now I'm running two pegs and have been brakeless for about five years. I'm running an S&M ATF frame with pretty much all Premium/Haro parts.
How would you describe your style?
I would say that I try to base my style on flow and creativity. I've always been influenced by riders that have effortless flow and consistency.
What do you currently do for an income?
I'm working at a pharmacy as a technician and am in and out of school with all of my travels at the moment. Any thanks?
Thanks to Dylan Pfohl for getting out and filming!

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