Hurry up and wait in Hossegor

Peter 'Joli' Wilson

Kelly Slater floats on to Round 3.

There is a saying in French that goes, "Comme ci comme ça," which in my schoolboy language training translates to something like "so so" or "more or less," which probably sums up the Quiksilver Pro France today.

Three heats of Round 2 were run in less than stellar beachbreak conditions. Surfers and organizers were of two minds whether to start the contest at 8 a.m. When they did start at 9 a.m., there was still debate behind the scenes whether to put it on hold until the waves improved with the dropping tide, cancel for the day, or run more heats.

Kelly Slater had turned up early, described as "sleepy eyed" by one of the web commentators, but was ready to surf.

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