Edit: The old SJRC mini-ramp

The San Jose ramp club was one of the most famous skateparks that has ever existed. Located in Northern California, it was home too and spawned the careers of BMX greats like, Ryan Nyquist, Joey Garcia, Cameron Birdwell, Chad Kagy and Rob Darden. With its simple, yet perfect design, of big ramps and tall ceilings, it had the best ingredients to allow these guys to take BMX to the next level. Packed from wall to wall, the park featured a huge vert wall, 6.5 ft mini ramp, 6.5 ft spine, 5 ft box jump, and two 8 ft quarters.

Sadly though, after many amazing years of business, the park had to close in 2001 due to some guy on the lease, who wanted out and decided to sell it. But nobody really ever knew what happened to the all the ramps, and for years there were rumors whether the park would re-open in a new location or not. In the end, the park never re-opened but we finally got the scoop on what happened to the mini-ramp at least and the above video is footage of its current home. Read about it all below and then watch the above video. Long live the San Jose Ramp Club! Video by Chris McMahon.

"My backyard mini-ramp is the original 16-foot wide mini-ramp that was at the San Jose Ramp Club. When the Ramp Club closed in 2001, it got transferred all the way up to Sacramento. Aaron Huff and the guys at Solid bought it, but they never did anything with it, and just kept it in their warehouse. In 2003, Squirrel (Damian Schinella) and Tony Campos' dad, Guillermo, went up to Sac and trucked these ramps back down, because Squirrel was going to open up a park in Morgan Hill. That fell through, and Squirrel called me, and asked if I wanted the pieces of the mini-ramp. So, if you look at my ramp, the original 16-foot wide section that's 6-1/2 feet tall is the original SJRC mini-ramp. I added the extra ten feet and the sub box later." -Oscar Gonzalez

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