Odyssey Gary Young V3 Handlebars ($68)

Courtesy of Odyssey

Odyssey's GY3 handlebars.

A long, long time ago, when Gary Young was a wee lad on the Dirt Brothers, he traveled to a CFB in Florida by plane, then rode his bike over 30 miles to the contest. Clearly, he was committed to the BMX cause. And we all know how Gary's career progressed from there: magazine covers, sponsorship deals, impressive contest placings and video parts, all from a genuine ripper that wasn't afraid to crank his tables or roast a pool transition. To celebrate Gary's unique abilities on a bike, he was offered a signature handlebars from his longtime component sponsor Odyssey, which is now entering into its third version.

Courtesy of Odyssey

Close-up on the GY3 bar's graphics.

The GY3 bars are a two-piece designed handlebar built to Gary Young's signature specifications. "After trying out some big bars for a bit, Gary was psyched on how they felt and decided it was time to update his signature bars," says Odyssey. The GY3 bars feature an 8.66" rise, 12 degrees of backsweep, 4 degrees of upsweep and a width of 28". Constructed of multi-butted 4130 chromoly, the GY3 bars have undergone Odyssey's trademark 41 Thermal heat-treating process, which means that Gary's latest handlebars are light and strong. The final weight of Gary's bars is 32 ounces, and to back up the strength claim, all Odyssey handlebars are backed by a lifetime warranty from Odyssey. The GY3 bars are currently available in black or white, but Odyssey has been known to release limited edition color runs of various components in their line.

Sometimes, handlebars break. We've seen it happen more than a few times to pros in the past few months, and it's not pretty. Odyssey handlebars, after undergoing the 41 Thermal heat-treating process, don't break; a testament that is backed up by Odyssey's lifetime warranty policy. But if handlebar breakage isn't at the top of your list of priorities, take it from Gary himself: "I was riding my friend's bike and I noticed that manuals and bunnyhops felt better with bigger bars. So I switched from GY2 bars to Sunday Forumph bars, and then redesigned my signature bars to be bigger. The GY3's are the best feeling bars I've ever had."

"Any bike shop or mail-order really," says Odyssey's Nuno Oliveira. If you're having problems locating any products from Odyssey, check the contacts on the Odyssey BMX site.

Courtesy of Odyssey

Here's your chance to give Gary Young a cyber fist pound.

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