Edit: So Cal Summer on the 5d Mark II

Nothing but raw street riding from some of SoCal's best.

For those of you, who aren't camera gear savvy, let me explain. The Canon 5d Mark II is a photo/video hybrid camera that has revolutionized the multi-media industry. Yes, many camera's before it have been able to shoot photos and record videos but not at such a high quality and professional level as this. For BMX, that means a lot of the pro photographers are now putting out dialed BMX videos too; multi-tasking and filming while going out on photo shoots. Walter Pieringer, Justin Kosman, Jared Souney own this camera and use it regularly. Now Tommy Blanco has picked up one too, and here's an edit from all of his footage shooting with it this summer in So Cal.

"A few months age I was lucky enough to scoop up the Canon 5d mark II, my original intent for the camera was for studio photography because of the high pixel count. But as soon as I whipped it out to film my buddies riding, I fell in love with the video fetcher instantly. Plus it was a nice change of pace from taking photos too. This edit is a compilation of all my buddies riding footage from this past last summer. Hope you guy enjoy it but most of all I hope it motivates you to all go out and ride." -Tommy Blanco

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