Video review: "MFWTCB"

Adam Salo

"Make Friends With The Colour Blue"

A month or so back Blueprint skateboards premiered their latest full-length video, "Make Friends With the Colour Blue." The video is just now making its way to skateshops here in the states. Blueprint being a smaller company that originated in England in the mid 1990s, their reach here in the States is still growing and you may have to do some searching to find this video or you may have to continually pester your local skateshop employees to order you a copy. It'll be well worth the effort and I'll tell you why.

"Make Friends With The Colour Blue" is an excellent skate video. It has a little something for every kind of street skater and it does exactly what any good skate video should do: it makes you want to get off the couch and go skate immediately. A bit on the long side (the vid clocks in around 50 minutes), you might even be inclined to press pause and go jump on your board mid viewing, especially after you get a load of their new am from Boston, Massachusetts Kevin Coakley's part.

Never one to step in line with what everyone else is doing, Blueprint's lensman, Team Manager and all-around solid bloke, Dan Magee didn't open his video with the usual new kid on the come-up part and he didn't end the video with the usual, gnarliest youngster on the team ender. Instead, "MFWTB" is bookended by riders that have been on the team the longest. It begins with OG pro and Blueprint co-owner, Paul Shier along with Colin Kennedy making us skaters in the over-30 set quite proud by really putting in serious ledge work. Kennedy's style, like fine wine, gets better with age. Shier, for his part, rivals if not trumps his part from the classic, "Static II." His ender is so raw.

The curtains go to Mark Baines, a classic British skater who did his stint in the US and once rode for US brands including New Deal. Baines has been back in Europe full-time for a while now but this part is evidence that he's been using that time to his advantage. His part is technical and creative with a ton of cool spots you've likely never seen before.

Between the openers and the closer, the video is choc-a-bloc full of solid performances from Blueprint riders new and old. I mentioned before that I really enjoyed Coakley's part, one of just two Americans on the predominantly European squad. Coakley's got excellent spot selection and trick selection and seems a fitting heir to the East Coast skate heritage that once made Puleo, Pappalardo and Oyola standouts of their generations.

If you're a Lakai fan watching the Blueprint vid for more from the Royal Family of Danny Brady and Nick Jensen, you won't be disappointed. And if you like that type of tech styling, pay attention to what Chewy Cannon is doing a few pushes faster than everyone else.

Finally, Blueprint's newest pro Marty Murawski has probably the shortest appearance in the vid but that's only because he just recently had an online going pro video that swooped most of his footage. That video, "Make Friends With Marty," is in the bonus material of "MFWTB" so be sure to check that out as well; Marty is awesome.

All around, a really great video from a great team and company that deserves your attention and support.

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