Nike SB demo in NYC

Austin Mayer

Ishod Wair was the demo MVP. This backside nosebluntslide was one trick in an ounslaught that couldn't be stopped.

A grip of Nike SB riders are here in New York this week in a prolonged celebration of the release of Paul Rodriguez's fourth pro shoe debuting on August 21st. In conjunction with the celebrations around the World Basketball Festival going on, the SB dudes threw down a demo at Rucker Park, a legendary basketball spot. In attendance were Rodriguez, Eric Koston, Shane O'Neill, Theotis Beasley, Ishod Wair as well as Youness Amrani and Daniel Lebron of the European SB team. Emceeing the event and keeping the crowd lively were DQM's Dave Ortiz and legendary DJ Bobbitto Garcia. O'Neill didn't skate the demo and Koston kinda phoned it in but their absences were made up by P-Rod, Beasley and Wair who put it down for the crowd in Harlem the entire time.

Austin Mayer

Paul Rodriguez nails a crowd pleasing switch frontside flip down the double set.

The setup was a made to order four-flat-four double set with a low rail and hubba ledge built in. One drawback for the skaters was the harsh asphalt landing they had to contend with. More than a few tricks landed bolts sent skaters to the floor for not compressing enough on impact. Not surprisingly, East Coast ripper Wair seemed to adapt the quickest to the porous ground: he grew up in Jersey so he's used to spots with ground that's been ravaged by harsh winters.

Adam Salo

The crowd in Harlem was hyped. This level of skateboarding wasn't something they get to see every day.

After the initial kickflips got put down, the demo escalated into a best of montage from Rodriguez's repertoire of flip tricks and rail moves. He switch tré'd the set, switch flip front boarded the rail and even threw down switch hardflips. MVP of the demo went to Wair, though; he never stopped skating and sweated so much that Dave Ortiz kept referring to him as "Shiny." Among his many highlight tricks, Wair pulled a bigflip frontside boardslide and an ill back nosebluntslide down the rail. He killed it.

We'll have a proper review of P-Rod's shoe dropping next week and an exclusive video interview P-Rod peppered with footage from the demo coming this Friday. Stay tuned.

Austin Mayer

Eric Koston didn't skate too much during the demo; a back 50 and back 5-0 on the hubba were about all he had. But just his legendary presence was enough to stoke the crowd.

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