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Dew Tour

Whipmaster Chuck Carothers throws down during the Best Whip competition in the Rose Garden arena in Portland, Oregon.

Dew Tour's self-proclaimed "fan favorite" sport of FMX returned to the 2010 Dew Tour in Portland, Oregon this past Sunday, which consisted of six riders competing in an unordinary combo of Best Whip and Step Up. As you may or may not know, the well-respected FMX competitions were clipped from Dew Tour's lineup in 2008 after various bad weather conditions haunted each and every stop. Unlike the other Dew Tour sports -- skateboarding and BMX -- FMX events took place outdoors where they were susceptible to nasty elements like gusty win and rain, making for inconsistent conditions.

Not ridding of it completely, FMX was a minor part of the 2009 Tour in the form of competition-free exhibitions. For 2010, FMX was scaled back yet again to only two stops, with the first exhibition taking place at the third stop in Portland, Oregon -- which went down this past weekend -- as well as the final Tour stop in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 14-17.

But even though Dew Tour continues to scale back their FMX offering, they insist that it still remains a fan favorite. To find out more about FMX's first Dew Tour appearance of 2010, I hit up Chuck Carothers, who took part in the festivities this past Sunday in beautiful Portland.

Dew Tour

Jeff 'Ox' Kargola shows the moto fans in Portland some love. So what events happened this weekend in Portland? Step Up and Best Whip, right?
Chuck Carothers: Yeah, and there were six of us there to do ride both events.

And who all was riding?
It was Myles Richmond, Ronnie Renner, Matt Buyten, Jeff Kargola, Dustin Miller and myself.

The Dew Tour used to be one of the biggest competitive FMX series' around, but for the past two years it's been downsized to small exhibitions. How did it feel to be a part of Dew again? Was it a really mellow deal or was it pretty competitive?
It was fun. I think the scene was pretty mellow, but obviously everyone wanted to do good. Renner and Buyten had a good battle for the win in Step Up -- and the bar got so high that neither of them were able to get over it. They ended up calling it a tie instead of battling till their death for the win. With the height they were getting, their landings were pretty brutal.

Were both Step Up and Best Whip inside the Rose Garden arena? And how was the spectator attendance?
Yeah, the event was held in the arena and I was actually really surprised by how many spectators showed up to watch us. I had figured that since the FMX was the end of the day and separate from everything else, not that many people would show up. But I was glad to be wrong about that, and really happy to see that people are still pumped on moto being a part of the Dew Tour.

Dew Tour

Ronnie Renner hucks over the Step Up bar.

How did the whip contest go for you? We all know you're a modest dude when it comes to your whips ...
Actually, I was pretty embarrassed. I went there unprepared with both my bike and my riding. I rode nothing like I do elsewhere and it bummed me out pretty good.

Well that's not good. Did you guys try making a case to the Dew Tour overlords in an effort to get FMX back in official sport roster?
I didn't really get to see any of the high ups at Dew, or I definitely would have. I think the large crowd that was there for just six riders might have helped us sway them into bringing FMX back.

Dew Tour Portland Step Up Results:
1. Ronnie Renner
2. Matt Buyten
3. Jeff Kargola
4. Myles Richmond
5. Chuck Carothers
6. Dustin Miller

Dew Tour Portland Best Whip Top Three:
1. Myles Richmond
2. Ronnie Renner
3. Jeff Kargola

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