The Dews and Donts of Mike Spinner

Tim Stanton

Mike Spinner in NYC, Spring 2009.

Whatever it is you may think of Mike Spinner, there's no question he is a mainstay in the competitive BMX world. Be it 1080s, triple-whips, controversial, stock contest rider, fierce competitor, Miami or just nice guy that enjoys riding on his own terms. I caught up with Spinner via telephone and talked about his Dew Tour win, riding for MovieTickets.Com and how many Ballparks he eats a week.

First of all, congratulations on winning the first stop of the Dew Tour.
Oh thanks so much, I'm so pumped. It was pretty crazy. I was riding everyday with my friends, which is when I ride the best. Going into Chicago, when I started riding in practice it felt great. But when prelims came I did a triple-whip and a 1080 and when I landed my bars moved. I tired to call a timeout but you can't do that once you drop in. Then the rain came. And after all that to just barely make it to the finals and then go on to win the contest, it was sick.

I can imagine, and you got a new sponsor right?
Yeah, it's with It's all set-up right near my house. We just started talking. They asked me if I like going to the movies. And I told him, I like going to the movies more than anyone I know. Literally I saw the movie Twilight with nine of my friends the night it came out at midnight. With Movie Tickets, you don't have to worry about it selling out. You don't have to stress about missing the movie.

Are they trying to make a splash in the BMX world?
I don't know, honestly. They came in and said they liked my personality. The guy I deal with, Joel, he's the CEO, he's real into action sports and it's awesome.

Okay, back to Dew Tour. I noticed there was some controversy over your win. Does that stuff bum you out or do you not even notice it?
I'd say, back in the day, well I've only been riding pro for four years but, four years ago it bothered me, and a little bit less last year. This is the simplest thing to say. Last year I tore my ACL. No one said a word about me. Nothing on the message boards. I don't care if it's good or bad, there was nothing going on! I was like, "This isn't fun!" I'd definitely say I've been out of the spotlight for awhile.

Cody York

Turndown 720 from Spinner during X Games 13.

I'm speaking in regards to the Twitter updates I saw.
Yeah for sure, in the past I've definitely gotten top three a lot. Second place is my nemesis though. Don't get me wrong, I love getting top three for sure, that's always the goal, but you're always behind the dude that won. But when you win, that's when you get picked on. With the X Games, Daniel Dhers won and I'm already hearing things.

Is it because you were out last year, that you weren't in the X Games this year?
It's not a system where you have a chance to make it in. It's invite. I hope next year I can come back strong and prove my riding and show the BMX Committee that I'm worthy.

Right, I noticed your Nike 6.0 Teammate Garrett Reynolds won street. How is it being on Nike, are you still psyched?
Being on Nike is sick. We all literally do our own thing. We just have a good time.

I do have to say, it's sick that Nike has such a diverse team, that must be pretty sweet?
It's so cool. We all respect what we all do. One of the funnest sessions I've ever had with those guys was a legit curb session. It was sick.

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Okay, how many Ballpark hot dogs do you have a week?
We are always having a BBQ, girls always over. Did you see that ALLI sports video? [Embedded above] That is what it's like all the time, it explains everything. We don't have to leave the house thanks to Monster and Ballpark.

So how many hot dogs do you eat though, 20? Five dogs, four times a week?
Man, I don't know the number. Sometimes we'll have four cookouts, sometimes we'll only have two. Don't make this sound bad. You're making this sound like you're trying to make me sound bad.

Oh no, just some friendly joking.


Spinner's new signature Hyper frame, the MIA.

Alright, and so what's up for the rest of the summer?
We got the High-end MIA Hyper frames coming out. I'm pretty happy with how that is working out. I have Portland Dew Tour this weekend. I might do an ASA contest between the Portland and Salt Lake Dew stops. I know Salt Lake goes down, then we're going to Interbike. Then the last stop is in Vegas, three weeks after Interbike.

Crazy schedule. So after winning the first stop of the Dew Tour, I'm assuming you want to keep that momentum going?
I don't want to press my luck. I have a few tricks I've been working on and just been riding everyday and hopefully it will all come together.

Thanks Mike, take care. Look for Mike Spinner to be defending his first place win from Chicago at the Portland Dew Tour this weekend.

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