Kyle Loza four-peat?

Chris Tedesco/ESPN Action Sports

Kyle Loza flosses his third Best Trick gold medal in 2009.

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Screw "The Hills;" X Games 16 Best Trick is the best drama on TV. First, 2009 silver medalist Blake 'Bilko' Williams pulled out after reinjuring his collarbone. And then Travis Pastrana announced he was out due to inconsistent rotation on his yet-to-be-landed-in-LA TP 720, giving Best Trick fans an unwanted hit. But even after two of the favorites decided to become spectators, a quick glimpse at the roster of riders proves that the big show is far from over.

Oh yeah, what about that kid Kyle Loza? Being the only rider to win Best Trick three times in a row, Loza was a big wild card, because nobody knew what he had up his sleeve for 2010, let alone whether he'd compete, since he's been off the radar battling a lingering wrist injury. But after talking with his manager, Dan McGranahan, it's been confirmed that Loza is 100 percent ready to rip, and he's even got a new trick up his sleeve.

Chris Tedesco/ESPN Action Sports

Loza's 2009 gold-medal-winning trick. Will his new trick be too similar to win No. 4 in 2010?

Here's what McGranahan had to say about Loza and his new potential gold-medal-winning (that'd be four total!) trick:

"Kyle is riding through severe pain from a nagging broken arm, but he has been using the ARP wave machine multiple times a day in an attempt to increase his healing. He has been focusing on perfecting the bike flip, but will unfortunately not be able to attempt it at X this year.

He's been in the foam pit every day, including today [Wednesday, July 28], and will continue to leading up to Best Trick. And yes, he DOES have a new trick to debut at X. It's tough to describe, but it's something like a dead body through the handlebars, but then his body rolls to a facedown position over the bars, before he finishes by swinging his legs around the side of bike like a facedown dead body turntable."

Like I said, screw "The Hills." X Games 16 Best Trick is the best action drama in the history of the entire world. But will this oh-so-similar trick be enough to win? Only time will tell.

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