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Go bang bang bang bang.

The new music video for Trouble Andrew's song "Wasted" is dropping right now. Featuring artists Lil Jon and Spank Rock, the track is further evidence that his music career is no pipe dream. Trouble decided 48 hours before the Maloof Cup in NYC that he wanted to shoot the video. Calls were made, friends coming into town for the comp were wrangled, and the domino effect ended in a video that miraculously came together at the last minute.

"The video was basically energetic chaos from the first take," says director Darryl Phillips, "but we were able to get all of the pieces in place and eventually get the shots we needed." The result is proof that in art, like shredding, sometimes it's just better to forget the plan and just wing it.

I snagged Trouble on the eve of his video release to talk about what went down behind the scenes of the shoot.

ESPN: What was the concept for this video?
Trevor Andrew: I'm not sure. We had no plan.

What about the story behind the song?
I made the beat a few years ago and found it again while I was writing my new album "Dreams of a Troubled Man." I had Spank Rock and The Mr. Move come in and do their verses. Once we all had laid down our parts I called Lil Jon and told him I had the perfect track for him. We had just done a trip to New Zealand for a snowboard event so we'd been talking about collabing. The next morning he sent me the track finished. He told me later that he got so hyped he just freestyled it in one take.


How did you link with The ICU for the production?
Darryl Phillips, aka BreadyFilth from The ICU, was the director. The ICU are well known for their hip hop videos. I had known Darrel from him shooting me at snowboard events back in the day, but we hadn't had the chance to collaborate on a music project. We reconnected through my dudes at Shameless MGMT and made the video happen.

I heard the whole video came together in like two days. How did you get Lil Jon and Spank Rock into a dirty LES basement on such short notice?
I hit up Lil Jon and let him know I wanted to knock out a video when he was in town next. He ended up calling me the day he arrived for the Maloof Cup and since everyone was in town, it went down crazy. My old shred buddy Nate Bozung hooked me up with this secret basement ... It was an actual party with just some added cameras.

What was the craziest thing you saw in the room that night?
I honestly don't remember. It's pretty much all in the video though.

What's up next for you?
I'm releasing my new Trouble Andrew album "Dreams of a Troubled Man" and the Trouble Gang Mixtape Volume 2 both later this year. I'm definitely doing a few more videos for the Trouble Gang Mixtape Volume 1. I'm also designing a line of boards for Yes! Snowboards, and outerwear and streetwear pieces for Analog. And last, I'm going to be filming a new snowboard video part this winter for the new Yes! movie. Catch me on tour this fall!

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