Thursday Vidiot


Matt Field blasts a pole jam on a flipped bike rack in the hills of San Francisco.

We'll start things off this week with a part that's a little less gnarly but a lot more good times. Matt Field's been in the game for a long time. An original rider for Real and later the founder of Rasa Libre skateboards, Field has always kept things irie. His part here isn't the most technical or innovative but it's significant in that it really captures the pure fun of skating the hills of San Francisco. And Field has always known his way around serious wallrides.

On the complete other side of the spectrum, we've got Tony Hawk putting on a massive demo on the beach in Barcelona. This piece is pretty awe inspiring for the sheer volume of fans hawk can attract to any given venue and for the fact that the innovator of the 900 can still spinning them on command when he's well into his 40s.

Element Europe rider, Michael Mackrodt is killing the game on a recent trip to NYC. Leave it to a European visitor to find and skate spots in the city that even some locals haven't seen. This dude is underrated and awesome.

Also on the New York tip, Zoo York's Eli Reed gives TransWorld a glimpse into a mellow day around Lower Manhattan in this little feature. Eli's flatground game is off the charts.

Aleks Lewendowski's "Feel Free" video has got another sick trailer up here. Be sure to seek out a copy of this independent vid with full parts from Garrett Hill, Nate Broussard and more.

Finally, the big man, Andrew Brophy's new Cliché ad filmed by French Fred Mortagne is pretty downright incredible. Brophy very possibly has the biggest snaps out there right now.

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