De La Rosa, White leave Fit Bike Co.

Fit Bike Co.

Edwin De La Rosa.

As of yesterday, Edwin De La Rosa and Tom White have officially left the Fit Bike Co. pro team. Not much was said about the split, except the following statement, which was made on the Fit Bike Co. site: "Best of luck to Ed and Tom with their new bike project!" There has been speculation of Edwin starting a new bike company, but we're waiting for official confirmation from Edwin and his crew before we back up that claim. To commemorate Edwin's time with Fit, Fit has assembled a slideshow of photos spanning Edwin's ten years with the brand, joined by statements from his fellow team members on Fit. Check that here.

Fit seems pretty gracious about the split, intro'ing Edwin as "Someone who changed the way people rode street" in the slideshow and praising his contributions to the brand. But I'm really left wondering: what's the next step for Fit? After losing a good portion of the team to Cult last fall, and now losing Edwin and Tom, the pro team is down to Van Homan, Brian Foster, Justin Inman, Eddie Cleveland and Mike Aitken. Granted, those are some heavy hitters that could take care of a brand with ease, but Fit has also lost half of its pro team in less than a year. And maybe it's just me, but I feel like that impact on the team has affected Fit's momentum.

But there's more to this than just Edwin. What about Tom White? The dude put out what could arguably be one of his best video parts to date this year (Animal "Cuts") and he doesn't get anymore than a mention. Maybe I'm just biased because I can randomly walk out the front door of my apartment and find Tom White sitting in the Animal van eating a sandwich from the Second Street Bakery, but I wouldn't mind a Tom White slideshow to go along with him leaving Fit. Of course, that's just me. And I'm a Tom White fan.

We should hopefully have a statement from Edwin within the coming hours, but for now, check Ed and Tom's split section in FitLife and remember simpler times.

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