Bluebird's "Dobre Hombres"

The boys at Bluebird seldom disappoint. This trailer for "Dobre Hombres" -- the fourth movie from McMillon and company -- is a prime example. The video drops on iTunes Fall 2010 and will showcase fine riding from John Makens (check that pillow avalanche at the end!), Adam Dowell, and Mr. Beef himself, Mark Carter.

Former X Games/rail/backcountry dominator Kevin Jones has recently been dipping a toe back into the snowboard pool after a long hiatus. From the look of things, he'll be telling a bit of his story in the upcoming movie. The legendary, and ever-inspiring Bryan Iguchi will be featured dropping knowledge and cliffs, and cameos from the rest of the team, including Travis Rice and Jamie Lynn, round out the offering.

This is just a taste, clearly, but it tastes good.

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