Dane's Biggest Fan


"Hey man, what size is your inseam?"

Sitting in LA traffic is bad enough. Sitting in LA traffic getting taunted by a 20-foot fiberglass golfer clad in Dane Reynolds' signature board shorts is another thing entirely. Yesterday I was on my way down the 405, talking to fellow ESPN Surfing contributor Kimball Taylor on the phone, when Dane's biggest fan caught my eye -- how could he not? Thanks to the gridlock and a keen ability to multitask, I was able keep my conversation with Kimball going while still stearing my vehicle and snapping this quick frame. When I got home and was able to zip this photo over to Dane's management to see what exactly was going on the only response I got was, "Amazing!" I'd have to agree, it is pretty amazing, but I'm still wondering who's job it was to pull up the big man's trunks?

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