Meathead Films #2: The Nor'easter

The Meathead crew shreds some New England backcountry during January's Nor'easter.


As you already know, is hosting exclusive Webisodes from Meathead Films all summer. The series is called "2 minute workouts," and they'll culminate in the release of "work it out" in October.

You've seen Webisode I; In Webisode II, the crew heads to Jay Peak, Vermont to take advantage of January's Nor'easter, then down to Sugarloaf, Maine for a pre-dawn cat ride, some nice boulder drops and an improptu self-search and rescue effort in the backcountry. Featuring Tony Rossi, Ben Leoni, Asia Magriby, Dan Marion, Stacey Rachdorf and the McDermott brothers.

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