Pipe to Pipe pre hype

I got the press release for Bonfire's Pipe to Pipe and got excited. It's a good event. Always fun and a real free-for-all. Snowboarding needs more of that. It's been a couple years since I've been, but I'll be there this year. Can't wait. And, reading the release, I saw that Jed Anderson would be there too, so I hit him up on iChat.

ESPN.com: Yo homie, I just read that you're gonna be at the Pipe to Pipe...true? Could I ask you a couple questions about it, get your professional opinion?

Jed Anderson: Yo, yeah man...I never competed just hung out. Actually I did the skate part of it.

Well what's the vibe like, what do you think is cool about the contest? One sec... just talkin to my mom for a sec...Yeah the "vibe" is good, just a fun contest for sure. Seems like everyone was having a good time. Pretty mellow setting, nothing to crazy or high-strung. The skate park was f---ing sick...a few dudes from Portland came up to Windells and that was fun to watch. They rip.

So you think you'll compete this year? Ummm, maybe, not. I don't really like contests. Ha.

The press release says the snowboard contest is gonna be held in a 150-foot halfpipe with a bunch of jibbable objects on the walls...sounds different, probably be pretty fun... That sounds awesome. That's the best s--t to snowboard.

True. It seems like Bonfire does a good job of creating events that everyone can come out to and really be a part of....do you think that's the case? For sure. You don't want to go to an event feeling like you're not welcome there and getting vibed by a bunch of industry kooks. I don't think a kid would get that kind of vibe there at all.

Darcy Bacha

Rion Linderman getting inverted at last year's Pipe to Pipe.

Ha, guaranteed industry-kook free event! Haha, yeah exactly.

And the skate parks at Windells are unreal, if anything entering the contest is one way to skate that park for a day... Yeah, I was just looking at that, it looks insane. Ha. So nuts.

I said, "See ya there," to Jed, looked over the press release again and found a few other reasons to go: free food and free entry. And with other sponsors like Gatorade, Salomon, Skullcandy, Timberline, Magical Go-Go, POM POM, Creature, Independent Trucks and OJ wheels you can bet there'll be killer prizes and product toss mosh pits. Take note: registration starts at 9 a.m. for snowboarders and 5 p.m. for the skate rats.

For more check out bonfiresnowboarding.com and windells.com

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