Meathead Films Webisode #1: QC --> VT

Urban rail sessions highlight the first of many exclusive Webisodes from Meathead Films.

ESPN Freeskiing is straight jazzed to be linking up with Meathead Films this summer in order to bring you an exclusive Webisode series leading all the way up to the release of the company's newest flick, "work it out," in October. The series is called "2 minute workouts," and it will give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse at what went into the film's production (hint: blood, sweat, tears, miscellaneous fluids). Stay tuned to the ESPN Freeskiing Blog for a new installment every Monday.

This first one details a couple urban rail missions that went down midway through the season in Quebec and Burlington. Featuring Andy Parry, Will Wesson and LJ Strenio.

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