The Ripping Gypsy

The Ripping Gypsy

Bryce Toole and his travel accessories.

Florida's Bryce Toole, pro for Madera and Native BMX, is embarking on a cross-country bike ride this summer, stopping along the way to shoot photos, ride his BMX bike and see the country. Bryce's trip begins in Florida on May 31, 2010, and will take him in a slight Northwest direction with Washington State as his final destination. According to Bryce, he got the bike-travel bug after undertaking an 850-mile ride last September, and here's his rough plan for the coming summer:

"I'll be deploying from Orlando on the 31st of May and ripping to the east coast. From Jacksonville, I will head slightly to Birmingham to visit my brother. From there, it's through the Appalachian Trail to Pittsburgh, Pa. Then comes the fun. I might go through Chicago. Then it's Iowa and Nebraska into Wyoming to the Yellow Stone National Park, and hopefully getting into Washington. From there I'll cruise the P.C.H. down to Long Beach, Calif. Then it's Arizona, New Mexico and 1,000 miles of Texas. Finally, we have Louisiana, Alabama and then its due south to the Sunshine State."

Bryce will be sending updates along the way, so stay tuned for more from Bryce's trip in the near future, and in case you can't wait, you can also check out Bryce's new blog, The Ripping Gypsy. Or just sit back and wait for a random Bryce Toole sighting at your local skatepark this summer.

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