An East Coast Update From Krooked

Courtesy of Krooked

Mike Anderson, David Clark and Dan Drehobl get cozy in the van as the Krooked filming mission hits the East Coast.

Many people are eagerly awaiting this summer's Krook3D 3-D DVD. I am not one of them. Because of my vision problems I am unable to see 3D at all. Thus the reason I must wear an eye-patch to strengthen my left eye. As much as I want to see the skateboard maneuvers of Mark Gonzales, Dan Drehobl, Bobby Worrest, Mike Anderson, David Clark and the rest fly off the screen at me I can't; instead I will see a blurry blue/red skate video on my screen. Regardless I will show support like a bridesmaid, never the bride. This past week the boys were in New York City on a failed filming mission. I tried to get them to stop by my house for BBQ but they opted for Philly cheese steaks instead.
I can make Philly cheese steaks too ... During one of their drives I got Mike Anderson on the phone to give me the update.

Mike Anderson, tell me about the last week of filming the Krooked video on the East Coast?
Let's see. We've been in New York so there's been a lot of visiting the bar all night and then skateboarding during the day with the whole crew minus Luke Croker because he's stuck in Australia.

Rob Brink

Hopefully Mike Anderson won't get another bloody eye for letting the cat out of the bag.

What's the hangover-to-clip ratio?
Hangover-to-clip? Well, hangovers have definitely taken over the clips. That's a hard one. My brain still doesn't work.

Aside from New York and Washington DC, where else has this world tour filming trip taken you?
San Francisco. That's it. It's pretty awesome. Oh, Los Angeles too!

Did you have any Gonz sightings while you were in New York?
Yeah, we skated with him every day. It was fun. Just pushing through the streets and dodging through cars is awesome.

Thiebaud's Twitter page said that someone received their new pro model board in NYC. Do you know who that person was?
That is a fact. Yeah ... Chima Ferguson. No, I guess me too. Have you looked at Mic-E's Twitter page? I think he put a picture of the board up.

What is your first board graphic?
It's hard to explain. Cool colors. There's a skull and lightening bolts.

Why did you pass on my idea of the photo of your child's birth as your first board graphic?
I didn't get the photo. That'll be my second pro board.

This video is scheduled to be out when? June?
I think July is when it comes out.

Is it on schedule to be released on time?
I think no matter what, it is what it is and is getting released then.

Chris Nieratko

Brad Cromer and Dan Drehobl get their night moves on at NYC's Max Fish.

Are you filming for it the way guys filmed for "Menikmati," "Fully Flared" or "Stay Gold?"
Far from it. If you have high standards, you're not going to like this one.

How many seconds of footage do you have logged so far?
I think a good, solid 35 seconds of footage. The video is looking about a minute or two long. Brad Cromer probably has the most footage.

Why were you guys scared to come to New Jersey to skate?
I don't know, man. Hard question. Everyone just hates you.

For constant updates about the filming of the Krook3D video until the release go to the krooked blog.

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