Front flippin' Fitzpatrick

As in years past, the X Games chatter, hype and gossip are starting to pick up and the Metal Mulisha's Jimmy Fitzpatrick is the talk of the town. For the past year or so, Fitz has been claiming he has the double backflip, but it seems he's had a change of heart and is now eyeing an elusive 75-foot front flip. In November, Paris Rosen was the first to land the front flip on a scale of this magnitude, but he wasn't quite able to stomp it at X Games 15. So, as it currently stands, the front flip has never been landed in any X Games Moto X Best Trick contest.

After realizing he may have what it takes, Fitzpatrick hit up the X Games Moto X committee, ultimately receiving an invite to compete in X Games 16. While testing different suspension settings with sponsor RG3 out at the Mulisha compound, Fitz took some time to talk to FMX contributor Chris Tedesco about learning the coveted trick. Fitz has been throwing front flips into his foam pit for two weeks now, and he is committed to pulling them off with an added combo. Best Trick should be a treat.

Vid after the jump.

While riding at the Metal Mulisha Compound, Jimmy Fitzpatrick took some time to talk about getting invited to X Games Best Trick with his 75-foot front flip.

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