Chad Tim Tim Talks "Trio"

Brian Gaberman

Chad Tim Tim looking reflective at the finish of a major video project.

Today Chad Tim Tim's first full-length video part in three years dropped online. If you haven't seen it yet, check out Chad's part from the release of Element's "Trio" video right here. With the outstanding part sure to generate some buzz I caught up with Chad to get his take on the filming process and what's next.

Your "Trio" video part premieres today and it's really, really good. What was your favorite thing filmed for this part?
I think that 360 flip on the rocks was really fun. Just that feeling of coming in on that little rock was so cool.

Is that first rock a perfect kicker or is it just a mess?
Yeah, it's just a mess. It's flush with the ground so you roll up pretty good but the rock is really bumpy so every time you pop, it's different. I couldn't get a consistent pop off it. But it was really fun to skate because landing in that little tiny rock, it shoots you straight to the ground. So that was pretty fun.

What sparked your family man intro bit?
It was both [Element Filmer] Ricki Bedenbaugh and my idea. Ricki lives five houses down from me so we always talk about how funny it is that I get up and do so much before I even go skate that most people don't know. So we just thought we should do an intro like that to show a little bit of my identity.

Brian Gaberman

Chad Tim Tim blasts a 360 flip off a boulder bump. The footage of this trick in "Trio" is amazing.

What is the song you skate to in this part? Did you pick it out or did Ricki?
It's "Pictures of Matchstick Men" by Status Quo. I heard it from my father-in-law. He's a really big record collector and has all these classic rock albums on vinyl. I always try to pick through his collection for random stuff. I came across that and then Ricki came across the same song separately on Pandora. It was kind of a cool coincidence so I thought, maybe we should just use that.

What's your best memory from filming this video part?
Most of it was done in Southern California so when we did go on a trip, it was kind of rare. Actually our trip to China was really fun. The trip was super fun. I'd never been to China and the whole thing, the spots, the people, the vibe. That was a really good trip.

With this long awaited part in the bag and on the Internet for everyone to see, what's the next big project for you?
Just keep filming. Just keep doing what I love. I get to do what I love for a living and that's a dream in itself. We've been filming with an HD camera for the next project. Everything in the "Trio" part was all filmed with a VX 1000 camera, which I love, but everyone is going HD so it's a new era. Other than that, I think we're going to Alaska so I'm super excited about that. Other than that, just everything else that's going on, being a dad and a skateboarder and a husband.

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