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Johnny Miller showing off at the Ashbury/KR3W demo. Want to see what the other skinny stance kids did? Get to clicking.

Here's one for all you snowboarders tuned into the Bored At Work Network. Here are five more ways to kill time for a little longer. Call it: Board At Work. Sorry. That's stupid, but these videos aren't. got shots of Travis Rice's King of the Hill runs. Ralph Backstrom also provided a few helmet-cam clips that really add some perspective to the standard barbi (read: barbeque) angles we're so used to seeing in Alaska. Eddie Wall and Pierre Wikberg recently launched a new website called It's basically a video blog that's updated daily. Peep the Another Day in Sonora vid to see what Wikberg, Wall, Shayne Pospisil and Clint Allen made of a particularly milky day in the California backcountry. On the opposite end of the shred-spectrum there's the latest House of 1817 park edit from the last days at Trollhaugen, Wisconsin. It's just some good 'ol slushy park riding. Lap it up. And lastly, the Ashbury/KR3W demo edit is on Just try keeping up with all the rail wizardry in this video. It's also skateboard season down in So Cal and Jed Anderson, Laurent-Nicolas Paquin and Jake Kuzyk stacked enough shots during their southern sojourn for a seriously impressive skate edit.

Feels like time to stretch those office legs huh?

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