Politically incorrect downhill


Race face: required only for the first 1,000 vertical.

"WTF is a Chinese Downhill?!"
-- Kendo Yamamoto, "Hot Dog ... The Movie" (1984)

Westbeach pulled off its annual "Chinese Downhill" March 28 and the video is now available to enjoy [Advisory: video involves boozing and language not suitable for your grandmother].

In a world of triple-sanctioned this and double-corked that, Westbeach has kept it real for the third year in a row and Zeke Helliwell emerged triumphant in this race that rewards only the bravest:

Mass start. Peak to Creek. Heavy, 5,000-plus-foot vertical (equivalent to about three "normal" ski hills). Seventy-five of Whistler's fastest riders. First one to the bottom and into the parking garage to chug a beer wins $200 and a Texas Mickey.

Needless to say, this sub-rosa Canadian race isn't sanctioned by anybody and, in fact, has to be pulled off on the DL. Ever tried being subtle with 74 of your friends all dressed like spilled packs of Skittles?

"We made it though our third Chinese Downhill last week without a hitch. Keeping this run on the down-low isn't always the easiest but it's always a worthwhile, grassroots event for locals who either grew up on Whistler-Blackcomb or now call it home. This is one of our many ways of appreciating the beautiful backyard we call home. Not a bad day at the office. Right?" said Racheal Brick, Westbeach Marketing Manager.

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