Exclusive: BHunt Vs. Winter Edit

This is a look at what Pro BMXer Brian Hunt does to keep busy during the long New England Winters.

A typical winter day in the life of DK pro Brian Hunt might involve any number of things, including working odd jobs around the Boston area, riding Rye Airfield, heckling Eastern Boarder employees, or even snowboarding. Earlier this year, Joe Cookie caught up with Brian to film the above segment, which details a typical winter day in the life of a New England pro BMXer. Yes, Brian could jump on a plane and head to warmer climates, but he chooses to stay at home and get things done his own way. Watch and learn. Video by Joe Cookie.

And if you're interested in reading about the many job Brian Hunt has held down throughout the years, check out the Odd Jobs with Brian Hunt feature we ran last year.

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