UCI Supercross Round One Madrid

Angel Martinez/Getty Images

Riders in action during the men's elite quarter final last weekend.

The UCI kicked things off in a big way this past weekend with the first Supercross race of 2010 held in Madrid, Spain. Coming into the weekend, all eyes were on Australia's Sam Willoughby (Redline) who holds the 2009 Supercross title and has shown no sign of backing down, even moving to San Diego late last year in order to train full time at the Chula Vista Olympic Training Center.

With 136 men registered to race, 72 men would be eliminated during time trials. Joris Daudet of France would score the fastest time in trials with a lap of 27.412 seconds, but unfortunately his luck would run out during the semi finals (a bizarre crash on the last straight took him out of the running.) After a rather flawless day and the fastest recorded track time (26.832 seconds,) Connor Fields stole the show from Willoughby running into the main event.

Angel Martinez/Getty Images

Laetitia le Corguille of France celebrates winning the women's elite final.

In the main event, the gate dropped and Willoughby took the holeshot, going into the first turn Fields took the low side under teammate Maris Strombergs and from there, it was a race between Willougbhy and Fields. Fields went for a classic high low in turn three but came up just a little too short, leaving Willoughby to finish out his first Supercross main event of the year, with Fields grabbing a second, his personal best Supercross finish thus far. At the end of the race, these two were leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of the pack, letting everyone know that they better step their game up before the next round.

The women's class was all about France's Laëtitia Le Corguillé (who is also the silver medalist from the 2008 Bejing Olympics.) Le Corguillé bounced between the top three in her quarters and semi, but when it came time for the main, pulled herself together. A flawless second straight solidified her win ahead of Australia's Caroline Buchanan. USA had two females in the main with Brooke Crain grabbing the fourth spot and Amanda Geving following her in for fifth.

The next round of UCI Supercross racing heads to Copenhagen, Denmark on May 7-8, 2010.

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