Dyrdek's Street League Looks to Shake Things Up


Dyrdek's contest series has got a name.

Today Rob Dyrdek, the pro skater, entrepreneur and TV star gave a name and an official press release to his long rumored efforts to create a brand new contest series. With Street League, Dyrdek has corralled some of the world's most elite skaters and gotten them to commit to exclusive agreements to compete in only the Street League contest events with a few caveats. After speaking with a representative from Entertainment Fusion Group, the public relations group that is handling Street League, I learned that the skaters who've signed on with Dyrdek's new venture will be allowed two wild card contests (non-Street League contests) that they may enter this year After this year inaugural year, the skaters who've signed on will compete exclusively in Street League contests for the next three years.


Will Mountain Dew sponsored, Paul Rodriguez still compete in Dew Tour events now that he's a part of Street League?

Mike Coppola/FilmMagic

Will Sheckler still compete in X Games?

What does that mean for skateboarding? Good question. It seems that this year, the skaters in Street League, including Chris Cole, Paul Rodriguez, Ryan Sheckler and more, will be able to compete in one of the Maloof Money Cup events and the X Games if they so choose or in some combination of those contests and A Dew Tour stop. However, after this year, if the series takes off, they'll only be competing in Street League events and what was described to me as a handful of contests that do not conflict with their exclusive contracts (Tampa Pro was the only contest name given from that handful cited because "It's not broadcast on television.").

Dyrdek's contests are sure to stir some controversy. It appears that many skaters will be forced to choose between some of the already established contests and Dyrdek's latest brainchild. How will this unfold with skater's sponsors and obligations? How will this effect fans all over the country? We'll bring you more information as it becomes available.

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