First Class in NYC

Red Bull

Ronnie Renner and Heath Frisby living the life at the NYC Red Bulls game at the new Red Bull Arena.

This past weekend Red Bull flew the majority of their athletes out (all sports) for the opening of their new arena, aptly dubbed the Red Bull Arena. The arena is located in Harrison, New Jersey, which is about 12 miles outside of Manhattan, and is the home to Red Bull's MLS soccer team, the Red Bulls.

Attending the grand opening of the stadium were Red Bull moto riders James Stewart, Ronnie Renner, Lance Coury and Heath Frisby. In true Red Bull fashion, the boys received first class treatment and were given a true New York experience.

"The entire team was put up in the W Hotel. Red Bull hooked us up with awesome helicopter rides over Manhattan, V.I.P. tickets to a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden, V.I.P. access to the best New York nightlife with some of the best athletes in the world, and of course the reason for our trip, the grand opening of the Red Bull Arena. It was 4 days I will never forget." exclaimed Coury.

Unfortunately I was unable to make it to the event, but I was able to nab some pretty dope photos from Red Bull. Also, since Red Bull owns this stadium, does this mean we'll be seeing a Red Bull X-Fighters in New York City? Holy crap, I sure hope so! Just look at how perfect the stadium would be for such a thing! Or maybe Red Bull will even rent the stadium to ESPN for the X Games! How sick would that be?

Red Bull

James Stewart makes an appearance.

Red Bull

The entire Red Bull team is no joke. Peep Lance Coury and Ryan Sheckler budding up in the middle. How about "The Lance and Sheckler Show?" Any takers?

Red Bull

Come on now, how sick would it be if Red Bull held an X-Fighters in this baby? SICKKKKK!!!! I bet Red Bull flows out of the drinking fountains by the gallon.

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