Gilmore and the girls

Burger World is the last resort in Mentawai when everything else is flat. Watch as it gets crushed by these three ladies.


"You can't think about it all the time or it'll drive you mad," explains reigning world champ Stephanie Gilmore, referring to her need to distance herself from tour life every once in awhile.

the midst of a four-month break in the women's world tour last year, Gilmore did just that, she walked away for awhile. Joined by California's Karina Petroni and Hawaii's Leilani Gryde, the ladies made their way out to the Mentawai Islands -- a sure-fire bet if time is of the essence and quality waves are what you seek -- but rather than confine themselves to the typical boat trip, they deferred to the Kandui Resort.

Because of its remoteness, and the fact that the mosquitoes are capable of flying away with the family dog, for much of its time in the surf spotlight the Mentawais have been the realm of chartered boat trips, but the Kandui Resort, as well as a couple land-based operations are slowly changing that.

Karina Petroni, Stephanie Gilmore, and Leilani Gyrde in the Mentawi Islands


"To not be stuck on a boat, to be able to sleep in a normal bed and walk around on the island, it makes trips there a lot more enjoyable," explained Andy Irons, shortly after concluding filming on "A Fly in the Champagne."

So with room to roam, and beds to stretch their legs out in at night, as you'll be able to see, Gilmore and the girls thoroughly enjoyed their respite from the competitive scene.

"You have to go out and have some fun too," agrees Gilmore.

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