Seymour's Greatest Hits

Geoff Andruik/Nike 6.0

Quebec City's red ledge now has a home in western Canada, too.

Nike 6.0 capped off their locals-focused "Greatest Hits" event at Mt. Seymour in Vancouver Saturday by unveiling a reproduction of the famed double kink from Burlington High School in Burlington, Vt. The feature, which was installed after being voted the favorite through an online contest, joins the Red Ledge from Montmorency Falls in Quebec City and a British Columbia electrical box to create the first terrain park in the world to be made from replicas of famous spots.

The idea to flip famous features into the park came from Kevin Sansalone who took his inspiration from the trend of fabricating famous spots for skate contests. "I started working with 6.0 about a year and a half ago to do an event around the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver and there was no question in my mind that there was no other place to be than Mt Seymour. So we started talking to the mountain about stuff we wanted to do and tossing around ideas and I came up with this idea to building these legendary famous spots around North America that could fit into the park here."

Tim Brodhagen

Louie Vito, Greg Bretz and Elena Hight get their chill on at Seymour.

The timing and location of the installation was meant to be an homage to the local riders who, although stoked on the Olympics, were displaced from their local mountains during the craze. Both Louie Vito and Elena Hight had their most chill days of the season. "It's a lot more relaxed and more fun: no security guards, no cops, no rules ... it's definitely a true snowboarding scene up here and it's nice," said Vito.

Hight added, "I got to come up here today and just shred with my friends. This was the first time I got to come up to the mountain to just snowboard all season long so I'm pretty psyched about that!"

Local Party Snake Crew shredder Matt Heneghan summed it up by saying "The Olympics are amazing, and it's awesome to see nations fighting for a title, but this is bringing kids into the sport and letting them hit features they've seen their favorite pros hit."

The features will all be permanent parts of the Seymour terrain park with more replicas to be added in the future.

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