Justin Kosman: Converted to Monochrome

The best thing about the digital era of photography these days, in my opinion, is the ability to manipulate your photographs. The options are endless, you can re-create tons of different film looks, grain, convert to B&W with a breeze and the choices of creativity has allowed photographers to define their own unique style. And nobody is doing that better with BMX photos these days than shooter, Justin Kosman. Known for his mad Photoshop skills and style, Kosman recently converted some past and present digi shots to Monochrome, for this all exclusive B&W gallery.


"Any photographer will tell you that there is always another angle for any given shot. And that is sometimes the question I'm left with after shooting photos, "Was there a better angle?" And if we are lucky enough to have a rider shoot with us for two different angles, one of the toughest things to do is to choose between two angles of one trick. Many of the shots in this gallery were second angles that never saw the light of day for one reason or another. I just got home from a commercial shoot, which was all black and white, so my mind was in B&W mode when I made these gallery selections." -Justin Kosman

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Justin Kosman: Coverted to Monochrome Gallery

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