Getting the ball rolling in Jackson

Seth Morrison

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It has been a slow start to the season as far as snowfall is concerned. As the years have gone by, it seems like the year's filming doesn't really get started until the end of January or even early February. At this point I was thinking we would start in the North Cascades, but then I saw the "Snow Lab" on the TGR site and noticed that 18 inches had fallen in Jackson Hole. I called up the boys, booked a plane ticket, and was on my way to the airport 12 hours later. It would be a month-long film trip.

Jackson Hole is by far the most intense resort to ski in and out of. It had been about six years since I had skied here, so this was a much-needed kick-start for me. On past trips, we would warm-up here as we passed through on our way to Canada. This time, it was all about buckling down and making the most of the local terrain.

It was just as expected: Deep, deep powder. Right out of the gates we started filming with an early-up Tram ride, which would be the only ride of the day. Heading out and hiking for the lines or hiking pillow drops in the trees was the routine. Good times with a full crew of cameras and athletes.

I was stoked to get back at it in Jackson, accessing places I had seen in films by never actually skied. It was cool to watch fellow skiers Cody Townsend, Todd Ligare, Erik Roner, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa and Rachel Burkes sending it for the week I was there. Here are a few pictures. Be sure to check out the gallery as well as TGR's "Live From The Field" for some more action.


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