Exclusive: Ollies Skatepark Video

Ollies Skatepark in Northern Kentucky is pretty much the only local indoor park for the Cincinnati BMX scene these days. Sitting just over the Ohio River, it's a huge park with a rarely seen full-size vert ramp, tons of wedges and unique ramps. But it's not very BMX friendly (tthey require you to take off your pegs or use plastic ones to ride.) Ultimately it's a worth a visit though and when Doug Horton went home for the holidays, he filmed a typical session with some faces you'll see there on the regular.

Side note: In more Cincinnati news, Tony Neyer has officially moved back to Cincinnati from Long Beach, CA. and looks like he'll be sticking around for a while.

"I went home for Christmas break and rounded up all the friends I could to go have a nice day after Christmas session at the local 'not so friendly bike park' and this was the result. Chill session, with the exception of Chad Ring always doing banger stuff! Enjoy." -Doug Horton

Those of us who don't have the luxory of a warm winter climate hit the ramps when the snow falls.

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