Zered Bassett photo show and bowl jam video

Courtesy of Red Bull

This is the bowl that accompanied Zered's photo show.

On Saturday January 23rd, 2010 full time professional Zoo York skateboarder and part time photographer, Zered Bassett turned the art world on its ear by rejecting numerous offers to show in any Manhattan gallery and opting instead to show his collection from his trip to Cuba in the sleepy mountain town of Mt. Vernon, New Jersey at >Mountain Creek's South Lodge.

Back in 2009 Zered and a bunch of skaters snuck into Cuba with a few hundred skateboards to give to the local skaters in Havana who are unable to get product due to the U.S. embargo. Throughout his stay on the island, Zered documented every moment of the mission with his camera. Those photos were on display Saturday.

Zered Bassett, Joey Pepper, Ron Deily and Eli Reed session the mini-bowl at Mountain Creek's South Lodge.

As much as the night was about Zered's photos it was also about skating Red Bull's version of the MegaRamp that is permanently housed at Mountain Creek for anyone to use, free of charge, whenever they want. Joey Pepper, Eli Reed, Ron Deily and Zered were all showing the local kids how the ramp worked.

Courtesy of Red Bull

The other reason for the journey to Mt. Vernon.

Courtesy of Red Bull

A Zered fan checking the Cuba photos.

Courtesy of Red Bull

The man of the hour on his way back into the transition from a Smith grind that was properly decked.

Chris Nieratko

Joey Pepper and Zered Bassett flank Mrs. Nieratko and Chris Nieratko Jr.

Courtesy of Red Bull

An unknown soldier lofts a melon over the bowl's hip with more air above the lip than the bowl is deep.

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