Meet Pyro Bob

A few days ago we dropped contributor Tes Sewell's interview with Nuclear Cowboyz Director Todd Jendro — as well as a kickin' Chris Tedesco photo gallery and behind-the-scenes vid from Cliff Talley. So, if you haven't checked it, click here to find out all about the new tour that promises to change the face of American FMX.

As a little extra bonus, Talley also had a quick chat with Pyro Bob, who will be in charge of everything pyro for the theatrical FMX extravaganza. According to Bob, the pyro is more important than the riders ... But, we're gonna give him a break on this one. He's probably been around WAY too many explosions and inhaled WAY too many poisonous fumes.

The guy who puts the Nuke in the Nuclear Cowboyz show

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