Red Bull's Foam Pit Burns

Nitro Circus producer Greg Godfrey hashes out the Country Fried plans.

The Red Bull foam pit burns to the ground. Weep, weep.

This is a sad, sad day. I actually feel really depressed, kind of like I lost a good friend. I woke up this morning to an email from my buddy and ex-FMXer Chris Denison, informing me that the foam pit at the Red Bull Compound in Wyvern, California has burnt to the ground.

The story was first released in the local newspaper, the VC Star, on Wednesday afternoon. The VC Star is claiming that the fire broke out around 2:50 p.m. and burned for nearly an hour before 20 firefighters were able to put the blaze out. I've been in touch with multiple sources close to the Red Bull Compound, but I have yet to receive an official statement. Rumors have it that the fire may have been caused by Red Bull snowmobile rider Heath Frisby, while jumping into the pit practicing for Winter X Games 14, which is coming up in January of 2010. Nobody was injured in the fire.

I'll be on the case as this story develops, but all we can really do now is be thankful that nobody was hurt and remember the good ole' days of when the pit was in it's prime. As a matter of fact, that foam pit has a pretty respectable history — it's the very same pit that Travis Pastrana dialed in his TP 720 before this year's Summer X Games. And let's not forget, it's the very first foam pit I ever jumped into — man I'm gonna miss her.

Garth Milan/Red Bull Photofiles

All we can do now is remember the good ole' days, like when Travis Pastrana dialed in his TP 720's before X Games.

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