Out of the Office

Joe Faraoni/ESPN

Travis Pastrana and Marcellus Wiley talk about the intense go-kart race they had while filming for SportsCenter.

I know that the blog has been pretty slow and Travis Pastrana-heavy, but that's because Travis paid us a visit, distracting me from my daily blog duties. On Tuesday, Travis promoted Red Bull: New Year, No Limits by cruising around NYC signing autographs at the DC Store in Soho, talking with ESPN the Magazine, doing a live chat on the X Games Facebook page and more.

The following Wednesday, Travis headed to the ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut to do what we call the "carwash." This is where a visiting athlete makes an appearance on every single show and ESPN utilizes every second they have with them. Luckily, we were able to shadow Travis as he made his rounds in Bristol and we'll be dropping a hilarious behind the scenes video sometime next week.

While at the ESPN headquarters, SportsCenter set up an entire go-kart track so that Travis could race commentator and retired football player Marcellus Wiley. We'll have footage of the race soon, but until then, check out these photos. Pastrana was having a heyday taking out Marcellus every chance he got. Classic Pastrana.

Ok, now back to the FMX haps!

Joe Faraoni/ESPN

Travis takes it to Marcellus...

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