Ramp Ranch Demo Dec. 5

Remember that thing called a private skatepark? The kind of park that's indoors, costs money to ride and is usually sorta dirty and sketchy, but really, really fun? Well, they still exist. And just outside of Austin, TX lies one of Texas's best kept secrets: The Ramp Ranch.

This coming Saturday, December 5 at 2 PM, some of Austin's finest pros are coming out to demo the park, including Aaron Ross, Danny Hickerson, Hanson Little, George Boyd, The Smith bros, Andy Martinez and more. The event is sponsored by Mutiny, Empire and V-Club, and it's only $10 to ride, or $5 to spectate. So if you're in the Austin area, and you wanna show your support for a fun to ride skatepark, get on out to the Ramp Ranch. Details are on the flyer. Just enlarge it.

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