BATB 2 Comes to an End

If you're a Berrics fanatic, you know who won, but I just don't want to ruin it for everyone else.

The Battle at the Berrics 2 came to a close this weekend with a nail-biter of an ender. If you're a loyal Berrican, you held on with bated breath to see the final after two days. If you've concerned yourself with something else instead of visiting The Berrics every ten minutes, then here's what you missed: Redemption Round Bracket A, Redemption Round Bracket B, Redemption Finals between Greg Lutzka and Jimmy Carlin (which also included the forced dismissal of Boosh after he screamed "K-Swiss" as Lutzka was trying a trick), P-Rod vs. Cory Kennedy, Chris Cole vs. Torey Pudwill and Chris Cole vs. Paul Rodriguez

If you've seen all the videos, you saw how damn stylish P-Rod is, even in a game of skate, but Cole just couldn't be stopped.

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