Battle Anybody?

In my recent interview with rapper Jarred "AllStar" Haynes, he describes a Level 1 v. WME diss track release on his new mixtape as "the most controversial song [he's] ever done."

"My Level" by AllStar

It seems that somebody else thought so, too. Now several weeks after AllStar's release of "My Level," a rapper identified only by the handle Lil' Horsey has floated a response track titled "Off Warren."

"Off Warren" by Lil' Horsey

AllStar Photo: Matt Stauble

AllStar will battle anybody. But is this a battle?

AllStar might have been the first to notice the track, given the speed with which he hit back with a song titled "Lil Pony." According to Level 1 Productions, Haynes battled back at Horsey within a mere three hours:
Within 3 hours of Lil Horsey's "Off Warren," All Star dropped his rebuttal, "Lil Pony," calling out Lil Horsey verse by verse and officially starting round two of the ski industry's first public Internet rap battle.

With no response yet from Lil' Horsey, it remains unclear whether this is, as Level 1 calls it, a "rap battle." It is at least, however, obvious that AllStar is battling with both guns blazing — that is, if two guns is all he's holding.

"My Little Pony" by AllStar

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