Portfolio: Walter Pieringer

Walter Pieringer

Aaron Ross

I'm so excited to introduce the first ever, fully dedicated BMX ZOOM gallery today, featuring the latest and most stunning shots from one of the best BMX photographer's in the biz...Walter Pieringer.

Walter Pieringer is such an in-depth and talented person, that it would take a book to tell you his whole story. Not to mention all the amazing stories he has from all the BMX ventures he's been on. In just a short time, Walter's gone from being one of the best street riders in BMX, to the main videographer for Props, to learning photography and shooting photos for Dig, to currently becoming the US photo editor/photographer at Ride UK Magazine. Oh, and somewhere in all of that, he managed to graduate at the University of Southern California as a double major too, with an overall GPA of 3.8! Talk about impressive, Walter's traveled the globe documenting BMX and at one point he spent an entire year traveling the US, living out of a converted home made RV (he made), capturing BMX for Props and various mags. In 2008, Walter even picked me up at my house in Cleveland, while he was working on filming Justin Simpson's bio for Props. As we drove down to Cincinnati, I just remember being fascinated on how dedicated, nice, passionate and respectful Walter was. While he was filming, I was shooting photos and that rarely happens with two photographers and 1 rider. He's truly become an inspiration to me and I'm stoked he's the one who represents our sport in print. This ZOOM gallery is a highlight of his most recent work, surprisingly most of it is digital (most of Walter's previous work has been on film) and it's once again, nothing short of progressive.

ZOOM Gallery: Walter Pieringer

Nerd Info: Walter shoots with a Bronica SQ-B medium format camera and for digital he shoots with a Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III and a Canon EOS 1D Mark II.

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