London Freeze: Frozen

The London Freeze concluded yesterday at the Battersea Power Station in London.
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UK skiers as a whole performed well on their home turf, including James Woods, who finished eighth in the rail jam.

Saturday's Ski Freeze Grind rail jam competition proved to be a big day for both comebacks and up-and-comers as Canadian Corey Vanular put a QED on his two-year knee injury convalescence with a win over young Americans Gus Kenworthy and Matt Walker.

Freeze Grind Rail Jam Final Standings:

  1. Corey Vanular
  2. Gus Kenworthy
  3. Matt Walker
  4. Phil Casabon
  5. Matt Margetts
  6. Tom Wallisch
  7. Paddy Graham
  8. James Woods
  9. Teen Hearththrob Bobby Brown
  10. Oscar Harlaut
Next came the main event, Sunday's International Freestyle Ski Big Air contest, which reminds me of a joke I heard the other day: Knock knock.
Who's there? Double cork 1260.
Double cork 1260 who?

Sunday's winner, Aussie Russ Henshaw.

That's it. That's the whole joke. Aussie Russ Henshaw brought out his double cork 1260 to narrowly edge out the double cork 1260 of American Teen Heartthrob Bobby Brown and take home the British big air title home for displaced generations past.

Norwegian Andreas Håtveit's double cork 1080 left him a mere 180 degrees short of gold, but it was still good enough to land him on the podium in third place.

International Freestyle Ski Big Air Final Standings:

  1. Russ Henshaw
  2. Teen Heartthrob Bobby Brown
  3. Andreas Håtveit
  4. Benedict Mayr
  5. Jacob Wester
  6. Corey Vanular
  7. Roy Kittler
  8. Elias Ambühl
Scandinavian freestyle mag Fri Flyt recently released this video of the contest. Scan about halfway through for the bulk of the double corks.

London Freeze 2009 from Fri Flyt TV on Vimeo.

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