Olympic-bound! (Via Malibu)


Pamela Anderson gets a lesson in shred from Bud Keene.

Oh, the things Olympians do for money.

The Olympics are 100 days away, which means a few things for aspiring five-ring snowboarders. The mountains are opening, the Grand Prix qualifying season is around the corner and the number of obligatory fundraising and glad-handing obligations is steadily increasing.

On Sunday, U.S. Olympic hopefuls Elena Hight, Greg Bretz and Tommy Czeschin flew to sunny Malibu, Calif. for a fundraising event held at Tony and Jeanne Pritzker's weekend home in Topanga Canyon. Cameos were also made by Johnny Mosely and Errol Kerr, the only member of the Jamaican ski team. Last year, the event raised nearly $100,000. This year, they were looking to top that. For their part, the riders chatted up potential sponsors and taught their kids how to hit rails on a few makeshift snowboard runs constructed (by the riders) out of manmade snow trucked in for the event. U.S. Snowboard head coach Bud Keene pitched in and gave Pamela Anderson a lesson on how to boardslide a box in a tube dress. When these folks make it to Vancouver in February, there will be no doubt they've earned it.