Recently, the newly-founded AFMXA hosted its first CPR/safety class for its members and the turnout was extraordinarily good. As you'll see in the following video, the sport's best So Cal-based FMX riders were on hand to learn about the proper precautions and steps to take incase a rider has a bad get-off. Congrats to the AFMXA for following through on their vow to make the sport bigger, better and safer. If you ride and you haven't joined AFMXA, cruise on over to and register. I'm pretty sure that each new member is entitled to receive their own CPR/safety course.

And don't forget about the first-ever AFMXA am contest and awards ceremony, which will be taking place on November 7th at Pala Raceway and Pala Casino in Southern California (of course). ESPN FMX will be on hand, so if you can't make it, we'll make sure you don't miss a thing.

The AFMXA sponsored an emergency medical class for FMX riders.

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