"The B" in NYC

Tim Brodhagen

"You the man." "No, you the man." Frank 151's Craig Wetherby pointing fingers with Shaun White.

The Burton gang rolled deep into NYC last week for the premiere of "The B." (Check our photo gallery here.) Shaun White, Freddi Kalbermatten, Mads Jonsson, Kelly Clark, and Jussi Oksanen kicked off the three part fete with a signing/jammy jam at the Burton SoHo store.

Vermont's own A-Dog pumped heat while everyone from Jake and Donna B to brazilian models got nice off a pretty extravagant selection of food and drink cooked up by Skim Kim catering (yes, it was that good).

Part two commenced at the art film oasis, Tribeca Cinemas, where two theatres was not enough to hold the mob who showed up to see the flick, forcing an almost an hour-long wait outside in the cold to catch the second screening -- that's called commitment. Shenanigans ensued inside as the crowd proved once again that no one is too cool for a good old fashioned product toss.

After the movie, which if you haven't seen it, culminates in a snow-porn gang bang of the entire Burton team tricking off a giant B (a nice nod to all the haters by the way, get it "Big B"), heads descended en masse to B.East for part three of the evening. A Lower East Side model perch that clearly had no idea what they were getting into when they signed on, the whole spot almost collapsed under the craze of the shred-head throwdown -- in a good way, of course.

Say what you will, you really can't front on "The B."

Check the photos from the night: Burton's "The B," NYC premiere.

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