RefreshMaker 5

Colorado. If you're a teenage girl, you might liken it to that college boyfriend that your parents can't stand: high and cold. Thanks to its long supply of these key characteristics, Colorado can get it going early — like, as early as right now, today.

Besides making it a perennial opening day in the USA destination, Colorado's highness, coldness, and earliness, makes it a good spot for dudes hoping to shred pow before they carve a turkey. Dudes, if you will, like the dudes from Level 1 Productions.

Photo: Josh Berman/Level 1

Wiley Miller Entertainment Group takes a backflip Japan to the SoCo backcountry.

Back before the world got all complicated, and people were suing each other and companies were going to court with people that had the same name, your older boyfriend Colorado was still cold and high. And Level 1 was there to catch the first pow dump of the winter. Or was it the last dump of the fall?

Almost a year ago, before we ever knew there was a difference between Warren Miller Himself and Warren Miller Entertainment Group, the defendant was just shooting pow jumps with Tanner Rainville, Liam Downey, and Wiley Miller Himself. Or was it Wiley Miller Entertainment Group?

WATCH! The Making of Refresh, Part 5: Colorado.

Finally back in the blog after a brief delay for opening statements, please enjoy the fifth installment of ESPN Freeskiing's own "Making of Refresh" series. I'm sure you will. It's the most freestyle skiing action and reggae patois you've seen in one place since Winter X 2008, guaranteed.

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